Sea Foam Motor Treatment in a Mercedes Benz [SOLVED]

How do I use Sea Foam Motor Treatment in a Mercedes Benz 300? Should I put it in the gas tank when empty or half empty? I bought 5 cans for 5 different types of cars (including Mercedes Benz, Kia Rio, Jeep, and a Kia X5). Should I do anything different for those?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
10 months ago

Thanks for the question, Merita. The way you use Sea Foam Motor Treatment in the gas tank is pretty much the same for any car or truck. For the best cleaning dosage, wait until you get to a ¼ tank of gas or less. Then, add a full 16oz can of Sea Foam Motor Treatment. Drive the vehicle until it’s almost empty, and then you can fill up the tank. Adding a full can like this creates a high cleaning concentration so you get the most out of a can.

You can follow that process for all the vehicles. Hope that helps!