Sea Foam Motor Treatment in lawn mower gas and oil [SOLVED]

Can I add Sea Foam Motor Treatment to lawn mower gas and oil?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
1 year ago

Thanks for the question, Robert. Yes, you absolutely can!

Add 1 ounce of Sea Foam per quart of oil.

Add 2 ounces of Sea Foam per gallon of fuel.

If you’ve never used Sea Foam in your mower before, don’t be afraid to add a high concentration of Sea Foam to a low tank of fuel (half a can of Sea Foam in a gallon of fuel, for example) and run it for a while before refueling. That’s a great way to get things cleaned up.

Hope that helps!

3 months ago

I added Sea Foam Motor Treatment to my lawnmower gas and it helped a lot. I also added it to the oil but I’m a 76 year old dummy and forgot to check the oil. Today I tried to start it up to mow but it kept sputtering and blowing out smoke. After it cooled down I checked the oil and it was almost empty! My question is should I add Sea Foam to the oil before or after I add the oil and how much Sea Foam to a complete fill up of lawnmower oil?
Thank you.