Sea Foam on a high mileage Land Rover 300tdi [SOLVED]

Is it a good idea to use Sea Foam on a high mileage Land Rover 3000tdi with around 180,000 miles?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
11 months ago

Good question, Marc. Yes, you can use it in your Land Rover. Sea Foam Motor Treatment is safe and effective in the fuel and oil of any gas or diesel engine. It’s made with 100% safe petroleum cleaning and lubricating ingredients that can’t harm engine parts or components.

Sea Foam is great for high mileage vehicles. In fuel, wait until you have a low tank (1/8 tank or so) and add a full can of Sea Foam Motor Treatment. Then, drive it until almost empty before refueling. The high concentration is a great way to clean fuel residues and deposits, which are a common cause of performance problems like rough idle, hesitation, etc.

In oil, add 30mL for each liter of oil in the crankcase (roughly 1 oz of Sea Foam per quart of oil). I’d add the Sea Foam about 300 km/200 miles before your next oil change. It works to clean oil residues and deposits that can restrict oil flow.

Hope that helps!

[Note: do NOT use Sea Foam Spray (the aerosol version of Sea Foam) in a diesel engine]


1 day ago

How about the 3.0 supercharge V6 gas version? Is there a recommendation for spraying seafoam through the throttle body upstream of the supercharger to clean the intake valve? Could seafoam damage the twin scroll inside?

Thank you,