Sea Foam to clean diesel fuel injectors and fuel system in 1986 BMW [SOLVED]

I have an old school 1986 BMW diesel. Is it safe to use Sea Foam Motor Treatment in the tank to try to clean the fuel system and injectors?
Previous owner mentioned that “black sludge” had been cleaned out at some point. Will Sea Foam help clean out any remainder?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
1 year ago

Yes, Sea Foam Motor Treatment is safe to use in your BMW diesel fuel tank. Works great to clean and lubricate the entire fuel system.

If “black sludge” is diesel algae or diesel bug, no, Sea Foam Motor Treatment can not help get rid of that. Sea Foam Motor Treatment can reduce the risk of formation of diesel algae by controlling moisture in diesel fuel that diesel algae uses to grow.

One good fuel injector cleaning method is to prime diesel fuel filters with Sea Foam. When replacing a primary diesel fuel filter, simply fill the filter with Sea Foam instead of diesel fuel. That way you’ll be running a straight cleaning concentration of Sea Foam through the fuel injectors for a short period of time. And yes, a diesel will run on straight Sea Foam.

Check out this video on our YouTube channel:

Hope that helps!