Can I use High Mileage in a newer car? [SOLVED]

I have a Chevrolet Groove primer 2022 model and have done hardly 1000kms. Can I use High Mileage? After the 1st service at 1000Km’s, should I pour the High Mileage into the engine oil crankcase as well as the Petrol tank? Would I get any improvement in mileage? How about engine friction reduction?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
1 year ago

Yes, you can use High Mileage. We formulated High Mileage for stubborn residues and deposits found in older cars, but you can use it in cars with lower mileage as well (it’s a very good cleaner!).

You can add High Mileage to both your oil crankcase and your petrol tank.

In oil, High Mileage cleans residues and deposits that can restrict oil flow and engine lubrication. Add 30ml of High Mileage per liter of oil in the crankcase.

In fuel, High Mileage cleans and lubricates the entire fuel system. Add a full can of High Mileage to a low tank of fuel (or whatever is left after adding it to oil). Then, drive until almost empty before refueling. We recommend using it every 3-5,000 km.

If your car is suffering from poor mileage due to fuel residues and deposits, High Mileage in the fuel will help get it back to normal. However, if your car is getting the mileage the manufacturer lists for it, High Mileage won’t increase it. High Mileage also lubricates critical engine areas.