Should I add Sea Foam 1 week before changing oil? [SOLVED]

My 2017 Sonata Sport 2.4 litre engine went 8 months with conventional oil. Only 5,000 miles in that time. Changed oil with fully synthetic 2,000 miles ago. Should I add Sea Foam Motor Treatment now before I change oil in a week? Should I stay with full synthetic or go back to 50-50 blend? Car has 37,000 miles and runs fine.

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Jim D.
Jim D.
9 months ago

Hi Fred,

Adding Sea Foam Motor Treatment 1 week before you change your oil is a good idea. Add 1 ounce of Sea Foam per quart of oil. Try to drive at least 100 miles in that time if you can. That will give the Sea Foam time to circulate and clean. In oil, Sea Foam reliquefies heavier oil residues and deposits. When you change your oil in a week, all the residues that Sea Foam cleaned up will be drained away with the old oil.

Whether you use conventional or full synthetic is up to you. Sea Foam works great in either one.