Should I add Sea Foam to fuel and run it out before storage? [SOLVED]

I want to store my pressure washer for the winter. Is it best to add Sea Foam to the fuel system and run it out, to keep the engine lubed?

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Jim D.
3 months ago

Good question, Robert. Here’s what I’d recommend:

Simply add Sea Foam Motor Treatment to the fuel, and run it for about 15 minutes. That will draw the treated fuel through all parts of the fuel system so it’s protected during storage. A high concentration (4-6 oz of Sea Foam per gallon) will do a great job cleaning the fuel system when you’re running it, as well as stabilize the fuel for storage.

It’s up to you whether you store it with a full or partial tank.

Here’s a link with detailed instructions on storage if you’d like more info:

Hope that helps!