Should smoke come out of my exhaust when I use Sea Foam Spray? [SOLVED]

I used a full can of the Sea Foam Spray through the throttle body. I followed every direction other than I let it hot soak for 20 minutes instead of the 10 minutes. I got little smoke out of the exhaust while spraying the can into the throttle body, but never saw any smoke out of the exhaust afterwards. I was wondering if that was a bad thing, because I was expecting lots of smoke? Thank you.

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Jim D.
Jim D.
3 years ago

We get that question a lot Bryan. Whether or not you see any oil vapor emission does not matter. Sounds like you did everything right!

4 months ago

Honestly I let my car sit for a couple hours after spraying it instead of 10 min, and there was smoke everywhere – the whole neighborhood was smoked out haha.