Squealing power steering after Trans Tune [SOLVED]

I changed my power steering fluid and belt in my 1997 Subaru and added the Trans Tune to the power steering fluid. For some reason now the steering is squealing when I turn. I tried to make sure the belts is tension right by loosening and tension again. I tried again to get the air out of the power steering to see if it helps but after driving it will start back up. Did the Trans Tune mess up something?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
1 year ago

Thanks for the question, Jay. First, Sea Foam Trans Tune is made from 100% petroleum products and contains no harsh chemicals or cleaners. Typically when a p/s system gets air introduced in the pump it can cause cavitation and air bubbles in the fluid causing noise. That “air pocket” needs to be worked out. The best way, that I have found, is to disable ignition spark(unplug ignition coils) and turn the engine over with the starter and at the same time turn the steering wheel back and forth for 30-45 seconds. Do this 2-3 times allowing 4-5 minutes between cycles to allow the starter to cool and the p/s fluid to release any air bubbles that have formed. Make sure your new belt is good and tight. You typically want between 1/4′-1/2′ of belt deflection on the longest distance. Check your Alternator/AC belt for tightness as well.