The best way to help your snowblower run smoother [SOLVED]

My snowblower engine barely runs. I can’t get at the air intake, so I’m wondering if draining all the fuel out of the fuel tank, putting Sea Foam in tank and cranking the engine (has an electric starter) to get Sea Foam into carb would work? Or is it the same as putting Sea Foam into air intake of running engine until it quits, waiting 15 minutes, then restarting engine? I used the Sea Foam into the air intake on neighbor’s malfunctioning lawnmower and it worked like a charm. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Jim D.
Jim D.
3 years ago

Thanks for the question Jerry. Important: On a snowblower or lawn mower with a carburetor, you MUST add Sea Foam to the fuel tank to clean the actual carburetor. Going through the carburetor throat (air intake) does not actually go into the carburetor, it goes directly over the intake valves and into the chamber areas.

A snowblower that does not start or runs poorly is usually plagued by a heavy fuel gum or sticky varnish restriction in the carburetor circuits (needle/seat, jets, nozzle). Adding Sea Foam to fuel works fast to reliquefy gum/varnish back into the liquid fuel phase and clearing away the restriction. In any case, your “cranking” idea is the better approach. Only difference is to add 1 part Sea Foam to 2 parts gas (not straight Sea Foam). You need the fresh gas for spark ignition volatility.