The best way to maintain Honda products: Sea Foam Marine Pro and Motor Treatment [SOLVED]

Would Sea Foam Marine PRO work better for my engines than Sea Foam Motor Treatment?
I currently use Sea Foam to treat the non-oxygenated fuel that I put in my 2004 Honda 50hp outboard, my Honda lawnmower, and my Ariens 13hp snowblower. I am wondering if I can switch to Sea Foam Marine PRO to use in the same equipment?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
4 years ago

Hi Greg

Marine PRO is the best thing you can run in your Honda outboard. It will work to keep fuel passageways and upper engine areas clean and lubricated. I will also stabilize fuel during storage months or for longer periods when your boat might be sitting.  For all of your other engines listed, keep on using Sea Foam Motor Treatment!

Both products are similar, but Marine PRO works particularly well in all gasoline marine engines.