The best way to prevent your car engine from grinding [SOLVED]

Hi! My mechanic recommended trying Sea Foam in the oil for my 2003 Lincoln Aviator. The engine is making an odd grind/tick upon starting. On the Sea Foam Youtube video it recommends adding it 100 to 300 miles before an oil change. I got my oil changed less than two weeks ago. Is it still OK to add when the oil won’t need to be changed for a few months?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
4 years ago

That’s a great question Erin. If you’re dealing with a sticky lifter you can add Sea Foam right away to work for the duration of the oil interval. Being a 2003 vehicle you can also use Sea Foam High Mileage. Either will work in oil to clean/reliquefy the sticky oil residue that’s causing your lifter noise. Just open the oil filler cap on your Aviator and pour in half a can. Be sure to add every interval to help keep your crankcase clean from heavier residue. Lifter noise can go away immediately, or sometimes fades progressively over 2 or 3 oil intervals.