The best way to solve a poor engine idle in your car [SOLVED]

My car is a 2016 Scion IM 1.8 liter. I had poor engine idle and I put a can of Sea Foam in the tank and did an upper engine clean with the Sea Foam Spray through the throttle body. It helped a little. I was told by my mechanic to check the PCV valve. The location for the PCV valve is underneath the intake manifold on this car and a pain to get to. Is there a way to clean the PCV valve with Sea Foam without removing the valve? Would an oil treatment help with the PCV system? I was thinking of doing an oil Sea Foam treatment, but I am concerned because my Scion uses zero weight oil. Would it be OK to use? Also, will Sea Foam Spray have an effect on plastic intake manifolds?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
3 years ago

Those are great questions Jason. In order: (1) Get a second opinion about cleaning the PCV. Keep in mind that your Scion is only 3 years old. Have you checked the fuel filter? (2) Adding Sea Foam to your Scion’s oil crankcase is a great idea. Sea Foam works great in all oil weights, including zero weight. (3) Sea Foam Spray will not affect a plastic manifold. You’re good to go on all fronts!