The best way to stabilize gasoline [SOLVED]

I recently purchased two inverter gasoline generators for use as backup. I’d like to store two 5 gallon cans of gasoline for use when needed. My plan is to fill cans with premium ethanol-free and Sea Foam when I fill-up (ethanol-free premium is available where I live). I would also gradually use the fuel for a lawn mower.

Based on where I live, and that the Sea Foam can states to stabilize fuel for 2 years, after how many months should I cycle through this fuel? I plan to put the older fuel in my car (which happens to also require premium), and then refill the cans with fresh fuel.


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Jim D.
4 years ago

That’s a very smart question (and approach) Heather. The reason we “stabilize” gasoline is because gasoline starts to become “un-stable” if the fuel molecules are not protected from too much exposure to the oxygen atmosphere. Even though Sea Foam will help keep the molecules stable up to two years, that does not mean we promote the idea to let gasoline go unused for two years (that’s a long time!). Considering you have a management plan for what to do with the older fuel, I would replenish the backup fuel cans every 6 to 12 months to ensure the high-volatility fuel your generators need to run their best. 3 helpful tips: 1) Store the cans in a stable (temperature) location without exposure to direct sunlight. 2) If kept on a concrete floor, place fuel cans on a thin insulator layer like cardboard or plywood. 3) Keep caps tight to minimize oxygen exposure.