Trans Tune and Hydra Trans Tune – is there a difference? [SOLVED]

What is the difference between Trans Tune and Hydra Trans Tune?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
2 years ago

Thanks for the question, Kevin. Trans Tune and Hydra Trans Tune are the same thing. The Hydra Trans Tune can label is no longer current. Hope this helps!

1 year ago

Which can replaces the original Trans Tune? There are three kinds of labels on this product: the old Trans Tune, the Trans Tune, and the Hydra Trans Tune. Please clarify this before I purchase the wrong one. I’m interested in the first label cans which are hardly available. Do I have to empty the whole power steering reservoir before using this product or just enough to put the suggested amount? Thanks.

Conner Kranz
1 year ago
Reply to  Luis

Hi Luis! All of the versions you mentioned have the same formula. They are the same product, just with different label versions, so don’t worry about which one you purchase. Trans Tune (white can with red) is the current label version, and you can find it at auto parts stores.

You do not have to drain the whole power steering reservoir. Just add 4-6 ounces to your power steering fluid reservoir.