Trans Tune for a newer rack & pinion that steers stiff [SOLVED]

The steering in my ’05 Cadillac XLR has been stiff since replacing the rack & pinion, power steering pump, and fluid reservoir two years ago. GM discontinued the rack, so the shop installed a new rack from O’Reilly. I complained that it was too stiff, so the shop got another one from O’Reilly, which is just as stiff. I’ve put less than 2, 000 miles on the car since then. Will your Trans Tune product help loosen the steering?  Thank you.

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Jim D.
2 years ago

Hi John. I don’t want to make any promises or create any false expectations, but I’d do it. My hunch is no result but it will help clean the fluid system… We see a lot of these attempts end up with a happy ending, so worth a try!