Trans Tune to quiet a power steering pump in the cold [SOLVED]

Info: 2002 Land Cruiser. I have a power steering pump that likes to honk like a goose on cold mornings for 1-10 seconds. My pump is fairly new along with a recent fluid flush and a new steering rack ( replaced as preventive maintenance ) The system is in good shape but maybe a bit of moisture is built up since I park it outside. I drive the vehicle everyday.
Question :Do you think a few OZ of trans tune into the reservoir is worth a shot? Will I have to flush the system afterwards?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
1 year ago

Good question, Mike. Yes, worth a shot! Trans Tune will often help quiet a noisy power steering pump, provided there is no air in the hydraulic system (which is somewhat common after part replacement).

Just add 4-6 oz of Trans Tune to the power steering fluid reservoir. No need to flush.

Hope that helps!