Using Deep Creep to lubricate and protect firearms [SOLVED]

My question is about Deep Creep and guns. Guys on a firearms forum were talking it up so I went to NAPA in town to see if they had it. The NAPA guys made a big deal of it too so I bought a can. Before I use it can you tell me about the advantages?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
4 years ago

Deep Creep is an excellent gun lubricant and protectant. Use to lightly lubricate moving bearing surfaces and to protect metal surfaces, parts, and bore areas during storage. What you’ll notice is that Deep Creep withstands extreme hot and cold temps, plus an amazing ability to resist evaporation. It’s made from petroleum ingredients, non-corrosive, and the best product we’ve ever seen for keeping parts lubricated and protected for longer than normal uses.