Using Sea Foam for snow blower cleaning and storage [SOLVED]

Hi there. I have a brand new snowblower. While it’s not a marine engine, would Marine PRO be appropriate due to the high moisture environment?
Since this is a brand new engine I would like to use Marine PRO right from the start on a regular basis. Will using Sea Foam from day one mean that I don’t have to use Sea Foam Spray for cleaning, and storage? (I’ll still fog the cylinder). Sea Foam Spray protects the fuel intake for storage but Sea Foam Marine PRO does the same thing right?

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Jim D.
1 year ago

Good question. Marine PRO would not offer any particular advantages over Sea Foam Motor Treatment. Good plan to start early with preventative maintenance. Using Sea Foam in every tank and fogging the cylinders with Sea Foam Spray will cover the bases for storage. If you want, it wouldn’t hurt to use Sea Foam Spray in the intake before storage, but that’s up to you. Sea Foam in the fuel will protect everything that comes into contact with the fuel (see the diagram of a carbureted engine below).