Using Sea Foam in a 2-stroke dirt bike fuel tank [SOLVED]

I have a 1998 KTM 65 SX dirt bike. It’s a 2-stroke engine with a separate tank for the oil. Is it OK to use Sea Foam in the fuel tank and the oil tank?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
3 years ago

Hi Kevin. Unless you are trying to liquefy some heavier crud in your oil tank there is no need to use Sea Foam in your 2-stroke oil container. When you add Sea Foam to 2-stroke fuel, it will eventually mix with the 2-stroke oil when everything (gas combined with oil and air) gets drawn through the inlet port and into the upper engine.

Also note that unlike 4-stroke crankcase oil, 2-stroke oil is not contained in the crankcase for long periods of time where it gets old and heavy, or breaks down from wear. Hope this helps!