Using Sea Foam in my Stihl chainsaws with oil and fuel mix [SOLVED]

I have three Stihl chainsaws that use a 50:1 oil mixture. I use non-oxygenated gas (no ethanol) and I always add one or two ounces of Sea Foam to every tank. A friend I was cutting wood with recently told me fuel additives will cause the oil to separate from the gas and ruin my chainsaw engines. That does not make sense to me but figured I could ask the people at Sea Foam. How would you respond to my friend?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
4 years ago

Hi Matt. A separation of oil and fuel is not possible. Gasoline and oil are miscible when mixed. Miscible means liquids that will always mix in even proportion. Liquids that are not miscible will separate and settle in layers. Your gasoline, 2-stroke oil, and everything in a can of Sea Foam Motor Treatment comes from the same raw material, organic petroleum. When combined in a fuel tank, everything mixes evenly and will not separate.