Using Sea Foam Spray in a Kia Rio [SOLVED]

My vehicle is a Kia Rio 5 lx 1.6 L with direct injection engine. I sprayed the intake valve cleaner into the 3/8 inch PCV vacuum hose. I disconnected the hose from the PCV valve on the valve cover and sprayed the entire can into the open end of the PCV hose leading to the intake manifold. Was this OK to do? It did work great but someone told me it was a very bad idea.  The reason I bought Sea Foam Spray was to clean the intake valves.

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Jim D.
Jim D.
4 years ago

Hey Don.  We get a lot of vacuum line questions!  The answer is always, “No, don’t!”  Sea Foam Spray through the throttle works much better. It cleans better, feeds all cylinders evenly, and safe against hydrolocking and ruining an engine. It should prove to be a very important product for cleaning your Kia’s GDI intake valves!