Using Sea Foam Spray in my ’89 Ford Bronco 302 EFI [SOLVED]

I have a 1989 Ford Bronco with the 302 E.F.I.. There are two hoses that come off the air cleaner that go over to the fuel injectors, one on top of the other. My question is, do I just use the spray in one of the hoses? Both of them? And if just one, does it matter which?

I’m new to your product, but have heard good things. Also so did some research, and did find anything that went over the dual hose setup.

Thank you.

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Jim D.
Jim D.
2 years ago

Thanks for the question Chris. I think what you’re describing two air inlets for two throttle bodies. If so, apply half a can of Sea Foam Spray to one opening for 3 minutes, then the other half (until the can is empty) to the other opening.