Using Sea Foam to clean a sticky lifter on my Chevy [SOLVED]

Am taking my ’57 Chevy out of storage this month. The engine has only 6,500 original miles and always put away for winter, but I have a front tappet that ticks for 5 minutes when I start up. I believe it is varnish. How much Sea Foam should I put into the oil? How far should I drive before changing the oil? Can I change oil after I return from a 200 mile road trip? Thanks very much as I have always used your product on my other cars with higher mileage.

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Jim D.
4 years ago

Thanks for the questions Dean. To clean up that sticky lifter (tappet noise), all you do is pour half a can of Sea Foam into your oil crankcase and drive. We recommend adding 100 to 300 drive miles before each oil change interval, so adding before a 200 mile road trip is perfect! Expect the noise to fade or go away after 2 or 3 intervals or sooner (lifters sometimes go quiet within minutes of running the engine).