Using Sea Foam to clean gummy carburetor on a snow thrower [SOLVED]

No question, just a thank you. Sea Foam saved me a big snow thrower repair charge from a local shop. Symptoms of a gummy carburetor–I had used a different company’s stabilizer and thought I was OK. It simply would not start, not even with swearing. I have a friend who suggested Sea Foam. I saw the video where Sea Foam saved the wood splitter, so I put a whole can in the gas tank, mixing with the old stale gas, waited, primed, pulled the cord several times to get the Sea Foam and fuel mix into the carburetor. After letting things soak for a few hours I hit the electric start and it all came to life!

Snowed today, and I cleared the drive.

The last time I plugged my carburetor, they charged over 200 bucks to fix it and said it looked like a mushroom in the carb. After that I started using gas treatment, but not as good as yours!

This year, my thrower will have a belly full of Sea Foam. Thanks.

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Jim D.
Jim D.
4 years ago

It is our pleasure Albert! Thank you for sharing your snow thrower story. We’ll be sure to post on our Q&A so others can learn and benefit from your experience. Nice work!