Using Sea Foam to help a Honda CRV pass an emissions test [SOLVED]

Hi! I have a 2006 HONDA CRV (180,000 miles approx.) and am trying to pass the emissions test to get my car license. I was recommended this product by an AutoZone employee and so far I love the energy and this helpful Q&A. I am just wondering if I already used one 16 oz bottle on half a tank (roughly 7.5 gallons) should I wait to be low on gas (with the product already dispensed in the tank) and then fill it up fully to take the test again? Last night I poured the bottle into my half-full gas tank without the engine running and today I did not pass the test (on my second try). I am wondering if I should be more patient for the product to do its work. Also, since it doesn’t specifically or directly clean the catalytic converter, can I use something like Cataclean after filling the tank fully (after the Sea Foam does its job) without damaging my car? I am desperate and may consider buying this other product even after using yours and I know Sea Foam is still doing wonders to my car. All help is appreciated and lots of love to your team. PD: If you can help out with when I should use Cataclean (if before I fill the tank up again after filling it with Sea Foam or after going to the gas station, I would greatly appreciate it. Remember that I already have Sea Foam inside my tank which is slowly being consumed because I’ve been driving around town!). 🧿❤️🦋

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Jim D.
Jim D.
2 years ago

Hi Karina. We get a lot of emissions test questions! The most helpful encouragement I can offer is to check out this post:

Be sure to watch the video in the link! Note the uses of Sea Foam High Mileage in fuel and Sea Foam Spray to clean the intake valves and chamber areas.

As far as Cataclean goes, we don’t know whether it works or not. Have always been skeptical about how or whether a fuel additive can have any effect on a dirty catalytic converter.  Hoping all of this is helpful!