Using Sea Foam to help a cylinder misfire [SOLVED]

I have a 6 cyl. Ford Mustang with misfire on start and random misfires on cyl. #3. How much Sea Foam should to fuel tank? (I believe it holds around 18 gallons.)

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Jim D.
Jim D.
2 years ago

Thanks for the question, Pat. The first thing to evaluate is whether you have a faulty spark plug (or plugs), faulty plug wires, and/or faulty ignition coil. A misfire can also be caused poor fuel delivery. If that’s what you’re thinking, wait until the tank is low before adding Sea Foam. Adding to less fuel creates a higher cleaning concentration. Adding a can to 18 gallons won’t clean as well as adding a can to one gallon, so best would be wait to add a can or two after running down to a low tank. Hope thisĀ  makes sense!