What to do about white corrosion on my ATV’s (carburetor) needle valve [SOLVED]

In my 4-stroke ATV the float needle valve often gets stuck from a little white corrosion. I have used a bit of synthetic 2 stroke oil in the gas to hopefully leave a film of oil on valve and that has helped. Would a Sea Foam product be a better solution. ( I use only premium ethanol free gas.)

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Jim D.
Jim D.
2 years ago

Thanks for the question, Jim. Corrosion in a carburetor is a problem. It’s typically caused by a reaction between ethyl alcohol and aluminum metal. Because much of Sea Foam is an oil lubricant, it’s about the best idea for adding lubricity to the fuel, which might help. In any case, I’d plan to do something about replacing the needle valve parts or clean the corrosion.