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Will Sea Foam help a Camry that’s losing oil? [SOLVED]

I have a 2009 Camry that requires 1/2 qt of additional oil every 3,000-5,000mi driven. The previous owner never drove the car, so it only has 17k miles. I don’t see any evidence of leaking on the ground, so I’m assuming it’s a valve problem of some sort. Someone told me that Sea Foam Motor Treatment may help. Will it? Thanks for your help in advance.

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Jim D.
Jim D.
10 months ago

Good question, Adam. If it’s not a leak, you might be losing oil due to oil burning. Oil burning is common in older vehicles and it’s likely what your friend was referring to. Here’s an article that explains a few causes and solutions:

If oil burning is the culprit and it’s caused by deposits/varnish, Sea Foam will help overcome it.

Adding Sea Foam Motor Treatment or High Mileage (what I would use) during every oil interval will progressively help to reliquefy the heavier oil residue that’s plugging up your Toyota’s oil flow. Add 1 oz per quart of oil. Do not exceed one treatment per oil interval.

Hope that helps and let us know if you have any other questions!