Will Sea Foam help water in oil [SOLVED]

I have a marine 496 engine with aluminum heads and aluminum intake. Last season it was not running up to operating temperature due to too low of a thermostat and created some moisture in my engine through the pvc system. Now the oil is milky.  If I add Sea Foam to my engine oil will that help burn off the water and get rid of any residue or sludge buildup?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
1 year ago

Thanks for the question Dave. A couple things: Milky means water or antifreeze contamination, so we agree on that.  Second is to make sure you figure out where the water is coming from. As far as adding Sea Foam to the oil, it will always help to clean heavier residue and buildup. If you continue to notice a water and oil emulsion, engine heat will work to evaporate the water from the oil. Other is to make sure the engine and oil are hot when draining oil since water and oil don’t mix. If you drain oil without heat and mixing, the water will may not drain with the oil. Hope this helps!