Will Sea Foam Motor Treatment help in an older car engine? [SOLVED]

Will Sea Foam Motor Treatment help in an older car engine? I have a 1989 Honda Accord… rough start, rough idle, and occasional stalling, even after tune up.

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Jim D.
Jim D.
11 months ago

Thanks for the question, Howard. In short, Sea Foam can help (sometimes quite a bit!) in older engines. Sea Foam cleans residues and deposits that commonly contribute to performance issues like the ones you are describing. Of course it won’t fix mechanical problems, but it will clean things up and help any problems that are caused by residues and deposits.

Here’s what I’d do (3 things), in any order:

One, wait until you have a low tank of fuel (1/8 of a tank or so). Add a full can of Sea Foam High Mileage and drive it until almost empty before refueling. The high concentration will do a great job cleaning. If you had to pick one way to use Sea Foam from this list, this would be it.

Two, when you’re about 100 miles from your next oil change, add High Mileage to the oil. Add 1 ounce of High Mileage per quart. Adding High Mileage will reliquefy oil residues and deposits that can restrict oil flow.

Three, do a Sea Foam Spray treatment through the air intake. This will clean intake valves and areas where the Sea Foam in the fuel won’t reach.