Will Trans Tune help a transmission slip [SOLVED]

Hello, I was wondering if Sea Foam Trans Tune will could help stop a transmission from slipping? My 1997 Honda Civic (automatic transmission) is beginning to slip in 1st gear, and I want to know if this product will work. I’ve heard good things about Lucas Stop Slip, but I’ve been using Sea Foam for my vehicle, and I’d like to stick with Sea Foam as my brand preference.

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Jim D.
2 years ago

Hi Jovan. The first thing I’ll suggest it to make sure the transmission’s fluid level is normal. Lack of ATF can cause slipping. Trans Tune works to help any issue caused by fluid varnish buildup.  All you have to do is pour a can (pint) down the ATF filler neck (where the dipstick goes), operate the vehicle for 100 miles… In your case, you’ll be using Trans Tune to diagnose an issue – if it works, you resolved the slipping issue for less than $10. Hope this helps!