Would Sea Foam help old gasoline in an outboard [SOLVED]

If I forgot to add Sea Foam Motor Treatment to a jerrycan of gasoline last fall. Would it help the gasoline to add Sea Foam now before pouring into outboard gas tank?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
1 year ago

Good question, Peter. The quick answer is that it will help your outboard but won’t “restore” the fuel. Here are two thoughts:

First, year-old gasoline should still be fine to use. Note that adding Sea Foam to gasoline that has already degraded a bit, mainly the evaporation of light ignition vapor, won’t restore the fuel back to normal.

Second, Sea Foam works in the fuel system to clean suspended gums/varnish that can impair engine performance. Adding a can of Sea Foam (or better yet, Marine PRO) will help keep your outboard running clean as it works through the fuel system.

Hope that helps!