How Often to Add Sea Foam to Fuel

Our customers frequently reach out to our experts with questions about how often they should add Sea Foam Motor Treatment to their fuel tank.

The first thing you should know is that fuel degrades quickly. Each day that unused fuel sits in your engine means more evaporation of ignition vapors and development of harmful deposits. These residues can restrict fuel flow — the root of most engine problems. Sea Foam Motor Treatment stabilizes your fuel, controls moisture, reliquifies deposits and lubricates upper engine parts.  

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How often you add Sea Foam Motor Treatment to your fuel depends on how often you use the fuel in your tank. We have two basic recommendations for how often to add Sea Foam to your fuel:


For daily-use vehicles, the fuel is always fresh and new. For these engines, we recommend using one to two cans every 2,000 to 5,000 miles.


For every other engine you own (boat, motorcycle, lawn mower, snowmobile, etc.) we recommend using Sea Foam in every tank. This is because all of these vehicles or pieces of equipment tend to sit unused for long periods of time.

How much Sea Foam you add depends on your needs. To maintain a clean engine, we recommend using one ounce per gallon. But for cleaning purposes, you can add more. Sea Foam is made from gentle petroleum ingredients and can’t harm your engine. You can’t add too much. In fact, the more you add, the better it works. 

If you’re still noticing a lack of power after addressing those areas, you might need to work with a professional technician to check your compression, inspect your exhaust system or evaluate more complex components. 

SEA FOAM MOTOR TREATMENT works fast to prevent or overcome some of the common causes of lost engine power.

Clean engines last longer. Regular use of Sea Foam as part of your maintenance routine will help your vehicles and power equipment run cleaner and smoother and last longer.