How To Store Your Motorcycle With Sea Foam

Ask any motorcyclist and they’ll agree — there’s no feeling of freedom and connection quite like riding down an open road on two wheels. No motorcyclist wants the season to end, but with summer in the rearview mirror, it’s time to start thinking about winter storage.

Proper storage of a motorcycle over the winter months is a must. Without it, lots of problems, such as fuel deterioration, corrosion, lubrication and moisture issues can wreak havoc on your bike — creating unwanted frustrations and expenses next year.

Fortunately, Sea Foam makes motorcycle storage easy. At a minimum, all you need is one can of Sea Foam Motor Treatment. But if you want to go the extra mile, you can also pick up a can of Sea Foam Spray.


Sea Foam Motor Treatment is made from 100% petroleum ingredients and will never harm your engine. In fact, the more you add, the better it cleans. For motorcycle storage, you first want to lower your tank to about one gallon. Add a full can of Sea Foam Motor Treatment to the gas tank and turn on your engine. Let it idle until you see white-colored exhaust — about five to ten minutes. From there, you can either store your bike with the fuel tank partially empty or full. Sea Foam will stabilize your fuel for up to two years.

If you want extra protection during the winter months, grab a can of Sea Foam Spray to fog the intake and lubricate cylinder cavities. All you need to do is remove the air filter or intake boot. With the engine running, spray three to five bursts into the intake. Then, turn off the engine. Next, remove spark plugs and heavily spray into the cavities. Crank the engine and let it run briefly. That’s it.

All winter, Sea Foam will work to clean and loosen carbon deposits in the upper engine. But before you take your motorcycle out for your first ride in the spring, let the engine idle for about 15 minutes to completely burn off the carbon residues.

Poor motorcycle storage practices can ruin your ride. Destabilized fuel can damage your engine — possibly breaking your budget (and your heart). Safeguard your spring and summer riding season with Sea Foam Motor Treatment and Sea Foam Spray.

SEA FOAM MOTOR TREATMENT protects the entire fuel system and stabilizes fuel.

Sea Foam Motor Treatment works to prevent the formation of harmful gum and varnish and adds protective lubricity to the entire fuel system during seasonal storage. Sea Foam preserves ignition vapors and stabilizes fuel up to two years.
Man using Sea Foam Spray to help Winterize his Motorcycles Engine