How Trans Tune Works in Transmission Fluid

Automatic transmissions are the most mechanically complex parts of a car. Even professional technicians struggle with correct diagnosis, so when a transmission isn’t performing correctly, it can be a big concern. Sea Foam Trans Tune will restore transmission function by reliquifying sticky varnish that often causes transmission issues.

Hundreds of precision parts must move freely while doing their job of directing fluid to the correct circuit. Even small amounts of gummy varnish on internal surfaces can keep your transmission from performing properly. This can present as flaring, slipping, hard shifting, sticking in gear, and other symptoms.


Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) can last a long time under light operation, such as driving highway speeds at light acceleration. However, as soon as you introduce city driving, high ambient temperatures, towing, or operating in mountainous terrain, fluid life dramatically decreases.

Fluid breakdown is a cycle. High temperatures break down fluid. Broken down fluid leads to clutches slipping. Clutches slipping leads to even higher temperatures, which leads to a worse fluid condition. Eventually you have outright transmission failure — and significant repair or replacement expenses.


Get in front of transmission failures by using Trans Tune for 30 miles before fluid replacement. Add one pint of Trans Tune to the transmission filler, ensuring you do not exceed the manufacturer’s recommended fluid capacity. Drive normally for 30 miles, then proceed with changing the fluid. Trans Tune re-liquefies the varnish that restricts passageways, hurting transmission performance. It then just drains out with the old fluid.

Don’t worry about going a bit over the 30 miles mentioned when used as a pre-clean. Trans Tune is also a conditioner, benefiting your transmission even when added with fresh fluid. It only contains petroleum products, and will not damage seals, gaskets, or clutch material. Keep your automatic transmission shifting like it should with Trans Tune.

TRANS TUNE works fast to prevent or overcome erratic shifting and other problems caused by sticky fluid residues.

Every petroleum fluid system is prone to erratic and rough performance caused by gum, varnish, and moisture. Trans Tune works fast to dissolve harmful deposits and control the moisture that impairs transmission systems. Safe and effective when used in automatic transmissions.
Trans Tune Being Added to Automatic Transmission Fluida can of Sea Foam Trans Tune next to a Gallon can of Sea Foam Trans Tune