Power Steering Savings

Sea Foam Universal Power Steering Fluid has helped a Texas shop cure chronic pump failure

Most auto service and repair shops won’t touch the type of work Rob Wechsler and his team take on at Collin County Customs in McKinney, Texas. 

The shop, about a half hour north of Dallas, specializes in classics, customs, muscle cars and other specialty vehicles, performing everything from basic repairs to full-on restorations. Much of the work is high end—it’s not unusual to find a half-million dollar car in the shop, or a vehicle being prepped for the stage at a Barrett Jackson auction. For Wechler and his discerning customers, there’s no margin for error. If a job is getting done, it’s getting done right. 

So if a car came in with a grumbling power steering pump—a problem he’s encountered frequently with GM Type II pumps in particular—replacing the pump was often required. That was until he started using Sea Foam Universal Power Steering Fluid. Unlike any other off-the-shelf or performance power steering fluid he’s tried, Sea Foam’s fluid has silenced noisy pumps in enough vehicles that it’s become a go-to product for Collin County Customs. 

Wechsler first tried it in a Type II pump in a ‘68 Chevelle with a brand-new LS crate engine. 

“We drained the entire system, you know, we evacuated it, pulled the hoses off, got everything we could out of the rack and filled it up with Sea Foam power steering fluid,” he said. “And it was immediately quiet. I didn’t have a whole lot of faith in that happening, but it was immediately quiet and the customer took the car home, and called two weeks later and said it was still quiet.”

Wechsler did the same thing to quiet the pump in his big block ‘69 Camaro, then another customer car, and another. So far, Sea Foam has been the solution to noisy power steering pumps, satisfying Wechsler’s customers and helping his shop’s bottom line. 

“In monetary savings, it’s huge because when we shotgun these pumps, we take care of our clients,” he says. “So it’s the labor in swapping out a pump for something that we’ve sold somebody. And we typically don’t get reimbursed for that, unless it’s all GM Performance, they’ll reimburse us for our shop time, then they’ll send us new parts. But for the most part we wind up just eating those costs. So it’s a huge savings.”   Sea Foam Universal Power Steering Fluid is compatible with all types of domestic and foreign vehicles and meets manufacturer performance requirements for all makes and models. Learn more about it on our product page.