Sea Foam Fixed our Go-Kart!

Used Go Kart that Sea Foam Motor Treatment Fixed

“That can of Sea Foam was able to fix our go-kart and provided us irreplaceable childhood memories.”

Check out Josh S. in NE’s GREAT #SeaFoamWorks memory:

About 20 years ago, my mom bought a used go-kart for me and my younger brother to ride around our grandparents’ farm while we stayed for the summer. The go-kart ran pretty darn good for the few weeks that we stayed there. However, I believe we left the go-kart outside when we left and it got rained on a good bit.

My brother and I returned to my grandparents’ house a few months later, right before school started back up. We were both anxious to ride that go-kart around again because what young boy doesn’t like to ride fast things unsupervised?

We pulled that pull cord what seemed like a billion times, only getting the motor to sputter for a few seconds at best. It had enough fuel and the spark plug wire was connected – that’s about all I knew to check as a young boy. We were both pretty upset we couldn’t get the go-kart to run as that was our main source of entertainment at our grandparents’ farm: We had our BB guns confiscated for shooting birds off Grandma’s bird feeder and they didn’t have TV.

We both knew that our Grandpa was the smartest man alive, so when he came home from work we asked him for help. He checked to make sure there was fuel in the tank and pulled the pull cord a few times before he gave up and walked to the barn. He came back out with a red and white can of something we had never seen before. He unscrewed the cap off the fuel tank, poured a little in and replaced the fuel cap. He choked the engine and after a handful of pulls on the cord, the go-kart finally came to sputtering life.

Grandpa told us to ride it around a bit. It didn’t have that get up and go like we were used to – instead it sputtered and slowly accelerated. Once we finally got it hot and to top speed, it ran great again.

My brother and I were so excited that we had to go back and ask Grandpa what that magic in a can was. He told us it was Sea Foam, and that it cleaned the engine out. We drove that go-kart real hard the entire time we were there, and when Grandpa wasn’t looking we would pour in some of that magic Sea Foam just to ensure our go-kart would keep providing us with entertainment during our stay.

Sea Foam Fixes Used Go Kart

That can of Sea Foam was able to fix our go-kart and provided us kids not only entertainment but irreplaceable childhood memories.

Our go-kart has since been sold, the smartest man we know has passed away and we are much older now. Since that day, as a teenager and now an adult, Sea Foam has become my go-to product for EVERYTHING that uses fuel. I use it in my lawnmower, motorcycle and all my vehicles. I also work at a NAPA auto parts store and I sell a ton of Sea Foam because I know it works.