Sea Foam Official video: How to liquefy varnish in ATF

Here’s a quick ‘How and Why’ video on adding Trans Tune to automatic transmission fluid (ATF).

How to add Trans Tune to automatic transmission fluid:  
1. Remove transmission fluid dipstick,
2. check fluid level,
3. insert fluid funnel into filler tube (same tube as ATF dipstick),
4. add up to a full can of Trans Tune and re-insert dipstick,
5. drive at least 30 miles – be sure to use each gearshift position to circulate in the fluid.

At least 30 driving miles before replacing automatic transmission fluid.

>All petroleum-based auto transmission fluid systems are prone to erratic and rough performance caused by the buildup of sticky petroleum varnish.
>Trans Tune works safely and quickly to dissolve harmful varnish residues and deposits that impair transmission system parts.
>When used before ATF replacement, Trans Tune liquefies varnish back into the fluid phase, allowing the varnish to drain away with the old fluid.

>Fluid passageways
>Valve bodies

Always safe:
Trans Tune can be used in all types of conventional, synthetic, and mineral-based petroleum fluids and will not swell seals or harm gaskets, O-rings, or clutch material.

Try it!