Why a Clean Fuel System Matters

Cleaning your vehicle’s fuel system is an easy, essential — but often neglected — part of routine maintenance. 

For your engine to run strong, fuel needs to be pumped from the tank, through fuel filters and lines, and sprayed precisely through fuel injectors, into your engine’s combustion chambers. Any imbalance in your engine’s fuel/air mixture will affect your vehicle’s performance. 

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Over time, your fuel system can become obstructed by sticky varnish and deposits. This can happen from incomplete fuel combustion, low-quality fuel, or frequently sitting in stop-and-go traffic. Carbon deposits can also form on injectors, altering spray patterns and cutting fuel delivery. Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) engines are especially prone to this problem.

While you may not notice the effects right away, these problems can compound over time, leading to rough idle, hard starts, misfires, poor acceleration or bigger problems down the road. 

The good news is that Sea Foam Motor Treatment — easily added to your fuel tank — will help clean your fuel system and keep it clean. Made from petroleum ingredients, Sea Foam is safe in all gasoline and diesel engines. To take a step further, apply Sea Foam Spray through your intake to clear fuel injectors and clean and lubricate upper engine components. 

Using Sea Foam regularly will ensure that your engine gets the right amount of fuel to start and run smoothly for many years to come.

SEA FOAM MOTOR TREATMENT works fast to prevent or overcome some of the common causes of lost engine power.

Sea Foam Motor Treatment works to clean injectors and restore factory spray patterns. It is safe and effective for all types of gasoline fuel injection systems. Using Sea Foam Motor Treatment in your gas is also a good way to ensure all components of your fuel system stay clean and perform their best.