Add Sea Foam when my fuel tank is low or add more gas? [SOLVED]

When adding Sea Foam to the fuel do I wait until the fuel tank is low than add Sea Foam? Can I add gas after Sea Foam or does it matter which comes first?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
2 years ago

Hi Walt. Adding to a low tank might be the best question anyone can ask when trying to understand Sea Foam. The easy answer is to add to a LOW tank of fuel whenever possible!  If you add a can to a low tank and drive, you’re creating a greater cleaning concentration, so Sea Foam will work better and faster! I like to add a can or two when the tank is at 1/8th, then drive at least 20 miles so the concentrated mix can work through the upper engine. When I add more fuel, there’s still plenty of Sea Foam in the tank to continue working through the fuel system. Hope this helps!