Will Sea Foam quiet a tick noise in a 2013 Dodge Ram? [SOLVED]

My 2013 Dodge Ram has a “tick” noise when the engine idles. I came across your product. Should I change oil before adding Sea Foam to crankcase?  Can I add Sea Foam to the crankcase even though I added a different treatment brand about 100 miles ago?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
1 year ago

Thanks for the questions, Stephen. If you have a tick noise (noisy lifter), start adding half a can of Sea Foam every interval. It also makes no difference if you added a different treatment to your oil. Lifter noise is caused by oil residue that forms on a spring & checkball mechanism, preventing the checkball to seat properly.  Sea Foam in oil will reliquefy the heavier/sticky residue back into the fluid oil phase. Note that sometimes the noise will fade withing minutes, sometime requires two or three oil intervals. In any case, it’s smart to run Sea Foam in your oil every interval as it works wonders to keep oil passageways flowing cleanly!