Are Sea Foam Spray and Deep Creep nozzles interchangeable? [SOLVED]

First of all let me being by saying how awesome of a product Deep Creep is and how well it worked for me!  Deep Creep is truly a wonderful product, so much that I gifted my extra can it to my brother in law as a Christmas gift, and of course this was after me raving about it. My new can, however, fell from a short distance and the spray nozzle broke and I’m left with a lot of product but no way to use it. My question is can I use a spray nozzle from any other Sea Foam product or would you all be kind enough to send me a spare one? Again, I was blown away by Deep Creep’s performance, and would hate to have my can sit there unused.


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Jim D.
Jim D.
3 years ago

Hi Omar. Thanks for kind comments about Deep Creep. We are very glad that you like it! The quick answer to fixing the nozzle is yes, the nozzles on Sea Foam spray cans are interchangeable. ┬áIf that does not work, please reply to let us know and we’ll coordinate to get you a replacement.