How Sea Foam Motor Treatment can remove gunk and stiction in diesel engines [SOLVED]

I am a diesel tech and I have a fleet of international trucks with the N9 engine, based off the old DT. Does this work in the oil for the high pressure oil system to remove gunk and stiction in the oil rail and injectors? Symptoms are low icp (injection control pressure).

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Jim D.
4 years ago

Thanks for the question Azael. Yes, adding Sea Foam to your diesel engine oil will help with all of the above. Give it time to expect improvements with oil pressure, crankcase cleaning and stiction. Note that Sea Foam Motor Treatment is offered in gallons to help with bigger volume needs.

Neal White
Neal White
2 years ago

For Diesel Stiction, do you leave the seafoam in the crank case for the entire 3k to 5k miles?

Conner Kranz
2 years ago
Reply to  Neal White

Hi Neal – we recommend adding 100-300 miles before you change your oil.

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