Using Sea Foam Motor Treatment to treat a Mercedes AMG C43 [SOLVED]

I want to treat my fuel tank with Sea Foam. My car is a brand new 2019 Mercedes AMG C43 (twin turbo V6 engine). I only have 100 miles on the car, and want to make sure it’s OK to use a fuel stabilizer in my gas tank on such a new engine. The car is my pride and joy, so I need to be sure no damage will come from the product when used as directed for fuel stabilization. Thanks.

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Jim D.
Jim D.
4 years ago

No worries Adam.  Sea Foam is safe to use in ANY gas or diesel engine fuel. Not only will it work to stabilize fuel, it is always working to clean and lubricate your entire fuel system.  Thanks for using Sea Foam!

Asela Piyatilaka
Asela Piyatilaka
2 years ago

I just bought a 2017 GLS 63 with 20K mileage. Should I use Sea Form Injector Cleaner to the clean engine? How often should I use? MB recommends that I use 91/93 octane gas. Please advise. Thanks.

Brian Miller
2 years ago

1) Follow your Mercedes Benz recommendation for fuel octane. 2) A fuel injector cleaner will clean injectors, specifically – add a bottle to low fuel every 2 or 3 months. 3) You can also use Sea Foam Motor Treatment (a different product) in both fuel and oil systems. Thanks for using Sea Foam products!