Can I add a second can of Trans Tune for erratic shifting? [SOLVED]

Can I use a second bottle of Trans Tune for a dirty and heavily neglected transmission? I did a filter and fluid change, added a first bottle of Trans Tune and it started to downshift better. Erratic shifting is 70% gone at 100 miles driven. Or should I flush again and use one bottle of Trans Tune. Tranny has a 9qt oil capacity. Out of 3 other products I tried, yours works… Saved me big $$ bucks on rebuilding… Thank you Sea Foam!!!

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Jim D.
5 months ago

Good question, Willy.

Do not add a second bottle of Trans Tune if there’s already one in the transmission.

Instead, flush the transmission again. Then you can add the Trans Tune to the fresh transmission fluid.

Glad that the Trans Tune has helped! Don’t hesitate to reach out with any other questions.