Sea Foam in Yamaha Waverunner oil and gas? [SOLVED]

I’d like to add Sea Foam to my Yamaha Waverunner’s oil as well as the gas. Are there any limitations to use it on this type of marine craft ?

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Jim D.
5 months ago

Thanks for the question, Mike. Sea Foam Motor Treatment is safe and effective in your Waverunner’s oil and gas. Marine PRO would work great for both as well.

I’ll answer in general in case others with PWC’s have a similar question:

In a 4-stroke: Add 1 ounce of Sea Foam per quart of oil. Then, run it for at least one hour, and change the oil. That gives the Sea Foam enough time to circulate and clean.

In an older oil-injected 2-stroke, add the Sea Foam at any time.

Hope this helps!