Can I use both Sta-Bil and Sea Foam Motor Treatment in my engines? [SOLVED]

I always put Sta-Bil in my gas cans for lawn mower, snow blower, trimmer, etc. I recently bought some Sea Foam since my snow blower will only run when the choke is ON. I want to try to get it working correctly. Any suggestions are appreciated. My real question is: If I put Sea Foam in my gas when I buy it, do I need to use Sta-Bil? And, can I store my mower, trimmer, and snow blower with gas in the tank if I mix Sea Foam with the gas?


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Jim D.
Jim D.
4 years ago

Hi Gary. For helping your snow blower engine, try this: Add a quarter can of Sea Foam to a small amount of fresh tank fuel (try to be in the ballpark of 1 part Sea Foam to 3 or 4 parts gas), then run the engine for 8 or so minutes to work the Sea Foam concentration through the carburetor circuits.  Shut off and let the snow blower sit overnight (or longer) to soak. Start it up and let it idle for 5 minutes. If there was a varnish restriction in the carburetor, the engine should progressively smooth out as it continues to run.

Other: Yes, you can safely mix with Sta-Bil. And no, there’s no need to use both. Sea Foam will not only stabilize your engine fuel, it’s always cleaning and lubricating your engines’ fuel passageways so your engines run smoother and last longer. And yes, you can leave fuel treated with Sea Foam in the tanks during seasonal storage periods. Also smart to pull the plugs and spray the cylinder cavities with Sea Foam Spray before storing!

Frank sammons
Frank sammons
1 year ago

Can I use Sta-bil and Sea Foam Motor Treatment together in my 1975 70HP Evinrude outboard fuel?

Conner Kranz
1 year ago
Reply to  Frank sammons

Yes, you can use Sta-bil and Sea Foam together in your Evinrude.