Can I use Sea Foam Spray in my diesel engine? [SOLVED]

Hi. I bought the Sea Foam Top Engine Cleaner and Lube. Can I use it for my diesel engine?


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Jim D.
Jim D.
4 years ago

Hi Melanie. ┬áNo, Sea Foam Spray is a gasoline-engine-only product. It is NOT safe to use Sea Foam Spray in a diesel intake. Unlike a gasoline engine that uses a spark ignition, diesel combustion is a matter of compression that relies on an intended source of fuel. Adding volatile fuel from an unintended source (through the air intake) could cause the diesel engine to overspeed. ┬áCheck out the term “diesel runaway”.

11 months ago

What about on a diesel tractor 26 HP? That seems like it shouldn’t “run away” or overspeed right? Don’t most diesels have some sort of runaway preventer?

Conner Kranz
10 months ago
Reply to  rick

Sea Foam Spray is not recommended or designed to be used in diesel applications.

Runaway is still a big concern. If you add Sea Foam Spray through a diesel intake (which you should not), you are adding fuel that can’t be controlled by the injection pump and injectors. (Note: Sea Foam will run a diesel engine, even without diesel fuel.)