Does Sea Foam Spray affect the mass air flow sensor? [SOLVED]

Does Sea Foam Spray affect the mass air flow sensor (maf)?


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Jim D.
Jim D.
4 years ago

Thank you for the question Carl! Spraying any liquid on a mass air flow sensor (MAF) could ruin it. The straw nozzle should always be pointed directly in front of the throttle plate opening.

Keep in mind that you’re engine at 2,000 RPM is drawing in air at a powerful rate (like a vacuum) and safely pulling the Sea Foam Spray into the center of the throttle body airstream and away from the MAF sensor.

In most vehicles, the throttle plate opening is safely down the airstream of the MAF sensor, so Sea Foam Spray wouldn’t interfere with the MAF when applied in the correct location (the throttle plate opening).